Off-Season Training

Get a jump on your upcoming season with TSA. Our off-season training promotes  the 4 pillars in becoming an elite athlete, Strength, Speed, Agility and  Endurance. These programs will also include sports specific training for your respective sports. Our team over certified trainers and volunteers have resumes of competing on the colligeiate and even the professional level to give athletes a better understanding of what it takes to get there. The time is now to Unlock your Potential!

Adult Fitness

TSA’s adult fitness class was created to foster an inviting, motivational, and comfortable atmosphere for adults who would like a group experience. The class is beginner to advanced friendly and promotes the family ideals of Tempo Sports Academy. In our adult fitness class you will participate in individual, team, and group exercises aimed at improving your overall health and fitness. Here you can experience a judgement free zone, with individuals who share similar objectives, while gaining the confidence to reach your personal fitness goals.